The ‘maba’ hit maker Exdoe in real life known as Richard Kwasi Siaw Afrofi in an interview on Onua FM revealed that Akyeame(Okyeame Kwame and Kofi Okyeame) contributed to the writing of his ‘maba’ song. 

The Hiplife rapper continued, in the studio he’s an open minded person and like to listen to the advise and contributions from people because no one is perfect, He say’s he believes that when all the minds in the studio ends up contributing, the project reaches it apex, so if a contribution comes onboard and he finds it catchy enough, he just find somewhere in the song and put it 

He also rubbished rumors saying his career took a detour because he had numerous kids but it was because he started having kids at an early stage of his life and career.  

The rapper who went out of the game for sometime is now out with a single called “Ankaa”(Orange) which  he featured Xylophone Media Artiste Kumi Guitar. 


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