– When a woman moans during sex their partners always feel happy thinking that she is reacting out of pleasure

– Men often think that they are doing a good job when their women moan and they sometimes associate the noise with orgasm which is not always the case

You have either watched sex episodes on films or practised sex and probably noted that the woman you had intercourse with wasn’t just lying there like a sack of potatoes.

She was reacting by either making certain movements or producing sounds (or both) that gave you an impression that she was enjoying sex with you.

Now, this could be disappointing to men because scientists have proven that women are not always happy since they sometimes massage men’s ego when he is under performing.

In 2011, experts from the University of Central Lancashire and Colin Hendrie of the University of Leeds conducted a research titled “copulatory vocalization” in which they sampled 71 active heterosexual women.

Do women fake moaning?

The researchers found out that women did not necessarily moan when experiencing orgasm as 66 percent of them said they made noise to speed up their partner’s climax.

This is now where the gist of the research is. Eighty seven percent said that they vocalized during love making sessions to boost his self-esteem.

Whether women fake it or not, animals too make sounds during copulation. So are women sometimes genuine while moaning? The answer is, YES.


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